Greetings from Stowe, Vermont

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Small firms are getting shot, and big firms want predictability.


Get Acquired or Get Fired

Firms large and small, are dumbing down their divisions to create Vanilla offerings.


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  • Client Focus Challenged: Firms will be mandating what types of products can be put into client accounts, challenging the lawyer/client privilege, if you will. Independence looms.”
  • Advisors Joining Management: If big firms cannot control the amount of money they must pay, they are controlling the amount of time Brokers must serve their sentences.”
  • Lending Grows: Advisors’ books are pushing toward higher lending fees, approaching 15% of revenue in many cases.”
  • Home Offices Growing: Managers and firms are caring less and less where Advisors sit. When negotiating your deal, include three days of alternative location in your contract.”