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Firms are hitting Brokers with Deferred scams, but you don’t have to accept the “gift.”
Happy Holidays!



Street Values Falling


Brokerage Firms are uniting on Deferred pay to try to eliminate departures. You may think it’s too late, but there is a way out. In this month’s article we discuss how you can take control and fight for your money.


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  • Sell your Book Twice: Bulge bracket firms are ramping up retirement and succession deals and shortening eligibility requirements. Call us to discuss the current metrics.
  • Average Your T-12: Firms traditionally pay on Trailing 12, but defining the metric is flexible. Take a look at your best 12 of 18 and negotiate from this vantage.
  • Increase Your Allocation: Know where you stand in your firm by asking for an increase to your syndicate allocation. Watch their response to understand how much they care about your business.
  • Power in Numbers: Brokers are forming syndicates with other FAs in their offices to command greater multiples and more favorable terms.