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Bandit Yells at Sheriff in Duel

Syndicate allocation is an old west gunfight with no real rules. Stand your ground.



Negotiate More Syndicate

It’s a broad assumption that Syndicate is apportioned according to hard fast metrics. The reality is it may be possible to increase, and ensure, your piece of the pie outside of “usual and customary”. In this month’s article we discuss the finer points of negotiating your share.


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  • Brokers Retained: Creative packages are being offered to the rockstars at your Firm in an effort to ensure they remain tied to their desks. Ask for yours.
  • Intl. Business Disappearing: Firms are continuing to discount International Business as compliance becomes a nightmare – this door may be closing.
  • Deferred Continues to Rise: More and more FA grid commissions are being held back. It’s just a retention tool and you can collect it almost immediately by moving firms.
  • Managers Move to Independent Shops: Hybrids are recruiting veteran wirehouse management talent for their next growth phase.

In this world a man must either be anvil or hammer. — Henry Wadsworth Longfellow