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Your firm should pay you today for the hamburger you made today, not next Tuesday.


Say Goodbye to Your Deferred

Deferred is something that Wall Street banks invented to hold back substantial portions of your pay. This month we discuss how to recoup most of the money right now.


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  • Average Your T-12: Firms traditionally pay on Trailing 12, but defining the metric is flexible. Take a look at your best 12 of 18 and negotiate from this vantage.
  • Get an Office: Your firm may not give you a retention package, but many Brokers are negotiating new office locations with private quarters.
  • Deferred Converting to Cash: You may be able to take all of your deferred and convert it to cash in an upfront note.
  • Independents Paying Big Money: Their biggest competition are the wirehouses, so they are winning with lucrative upfront payments combined with back-end deals that Advisors can no longer resist.