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Firms are hitting Brokers with Deferred scams, but you don’t have to accept the “gift.”
Happy Holidays!



Street Values Falling


Brokerage Firms are uniting on Deferred pay to try to eliminate departures. You may think it’s too late, but there is a way out. In this month’s article we discuss how you can take control and fight for your money.


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  • Get an Office: Your firm may not give you a retention package, but many Brokers are negotiating new office locations with private quarters.
  • New FINRA Regulation Will Hinder Business: Fiduciary standards regarding IRA’s and ERISA Plans will make it more difficult to do business.
  • Boutiques Exiting: Small sales force plus little to no profits equals firm closures.
  • Hybrids Waning: Emerging industries have changing business models leaving some firms lost for strategic direction.