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Keep deferred out of your negotiations at first, and then bring it in as icing on the cake.



Deferred is often misunderstood as retention dollars or money remaining on your deal, but it’s really income your firm has taken from you and is holding back to retain you. “Plus deferred” are becoming two of the most important words in getting firms to expand their deal well beyond their usual limits. This month’s featured article explores how you can use deferred to pump up your deal.


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  • RIAs are Less Risky: Brokers seeking independece are choosing to “tuck in” to existing RIAs rather than creating their own infrastructures and putting their own capital at risk..
  • Commissions Endangered: The British Banking compensation model has spread to the US. Will US banks follow suit.
  • Shared SAs: Firms continue to raise revenue requirements to justify a dedicated SA, and are raising the number of Advisors shared SAs cover.
  • Split and Bolt: Large teams are splitting with one another and heading for the door, taking their full share with them.

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