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Make sure your firm rewards you
for your loyalty.



Get Paid to Stay

Getting paid to stay at your firm is no more difficult than an SA asking for a cost of living adjustment. It just takes finesse and  strategy. This month we address how to approach Management regarding how they can keep you in your seat.


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  • T&E Rising: T&E is essentially cash added to your deal, and firms are increasingly willing to allocate considerable dollars to this bucket.
  • Salary/Bonus Model Rising: Smaller boutiques are seeking to change broker compensation by paying a base salary, and “true up” the Advisors and the end of the month or quarter.
  • Sell and Retire: Firms are willing to acquire your book and sunset you after assets transfer. Deal is far less, but substantial.
  • Brokers Moving Alone: Brokers are leaving their teams to start fresh in a new shop under their own rules.

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