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Brokers are finding spooky
language in their deals.
Happy Halloween!


Huge Deals Contain Enormous Loopholes

Brokers are finding the deals they signed to have surprises in the fine print. While it’s too late for them, it’s not for you. This month we discuss what to be on the lookout for so you can maximize the potential of your deal.

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  • Institutional Business Covered: As firms scramble to recruit the biggest and the best, institutional business is being accepted.
  • Deals Getting Longer: If big firms cannot control the amount of money they must pay, they are controlling the amount of time Brokers must serve their sentences.
  • Retention Bonus Coming Back: In an effort to stem the growing tide of Broker movement, retention bonuses approaching 200% are starting to surface.
  • Hedge Funds Big Ranks: Brokers on the move are demanding that agreements be extended to their Money Managers as part of the deal.