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Firms are hitting Brokers with Deferred scams, but you don’t have to accept the “gift.”
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Street Values Falling


Brokerage Firms are uniting on Deferred pay to try to eliminate departures. You may think it’s too late, but there is a way out. In this month’s article we discuss how you can take control and fight for your money.


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  • International Getting Squeezed: If your business is dependent on international clients, you are playing defense right now. Call us regarding firms still willing to pay up…for now.
  • Get an Office: Your firm may not give you a retention package, but many Brokers are negotiating new office locations with private quarters.
  • Sue Your Firm?: Deferred comp plans are sweeping the Street and essentially stealing your money. Consider creating a syndicate of like minded Brokers who want justice.
  • Keep Your Managers on a Need to Know: Managers who you know and trust have to tow the corporate line. Tell them as little as possible about your plans.

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