Confidentiality Agreement

Confidentiality Pledge

Consultants Period, LTD represents the largest and most prestigious brokerage teams in the world, most with tens of millions in revenue and billions in assets. Therefore, we understand your concerns surrounding confidentiality. In asking you for your faith and trust in us, we have created the following stringent guidelines:

Complete Confidentiality of Your Name, Firm, Business and Location

  • We will never mention to anyone that we have spoken to you, including your team members, business colleagues, or anyone inside or outside of your firm.
  • We will never discuss any information about you that could reveal your identity, including your name, geography, current firm, business focus and territory.
  • We will only reveal this information when directed to do so by you—and then only to the person(s) you have specifically authorized us to contact.

Discreet Communication

  • We will call you only on your mobile phone or at home.
  • Only when directed by you, will we call your office and we will not identify ourselves.
  • We will leave messages on your mobile phone, but never in the office.
  • We will email you at your personal address, but never your office address.
  • We will send regular mail to your home address, but never to your office.

Our Business Pledge

We promise to represent you without bias. We never accept a retainer from anyone and therefore have no financial incentive to push a specific firm. We promise to be available to discuss your ideas with you days, nights and weekends. Should you ever direct us to speak to firms on your behalf, we promise to represent you in a professional manner, provide you with competitive information and aggressively represent you in financial negotiations. These statements will be honored from the first day we have met.