About Our Firm


More Wealth Creation in Your Financial Package
Consultants Period negotiates an average 20% more financial and soft-dollar benefits for the “Free Agents” we represent. Whether it is negotiating with a major Wall Street firm or a proven Boutique, our acumen and attention to detail significantly increases your take. Think about that before you pick up the phone to set up that first meeting — 20% more. That’s what we’re achieving for others, many of whom you know well. And that’s what we’ll accomplish for you – a total package that will not only change your life, but position you to dramatically increase your revenue at a new firm. This involves much more than just starting a bidding war and getting you the highest multiple. It’s about finding a firm that provides the greatest opportunity to succeed. When you come to any Wall Street platform through our firm, you will be positioned as a high-priority team with the clout to capture leads, accounts, and dealflow. Let everyone else stand in line. You’re with Consultants Period.

Our Business Pledge
We promise to represent you without bias. We never accept a retainer from any firm and therefore have no financial incentive to push a specific firm. We promise to be available to discuss your ideas with you days, nights, and weekends. Should you ever direct us to speak to firms on your behalf, we promise to represent you in a professional manner, provide you with competitive information, and aggressively represent you in financial negotiations. These statements will be honored from our first private conversations.