Advisory Services

More Due Diligence on Your Needs
Our senior management staff will meet with you several times, at your convenience, wherever and whenever you feel most comfortable. Through these confidential meetings, we’ll develop a clear understanding of your needs and that of your business. We’ll get a sense of your accounts, rate of growth, the way you make money for your clients and your respective roles within your team. We’ll get to know your relationships with both your current Senior Management as well as other Senior Management teams on the Street. And we’ll clearly establish with you your exit strategy both from your current firm and ultimately from the business.

Our purpose of meeting with you is to create a governing Business Plan that describes the firms we intend to approach, and the overall strategy as to why the team is considering the move. Once everyone is clear, we get to work. That means contacting the Senior Management teams of the firms we all agree show the most initial promise. Initially we will shield you from the process by withholding your name, current firm, and even location. This process will require our senior staff to contact the upper echelon of firms in New York, Europe, and Asia, obtaining insight as to what these firms are willing to offer. With this fundamental, real-time information, we provide you with our list of firms that meet your criteria.

More Coaching
Your transition package has many components. Consultants Period weighs these components against the business plan we have assembled in your interest. We take special pride in the prowess of our in-house Financial Officers who have the skill and the experience to gain every benefit available to you. We’ll build models that forecast the life of your contract, tweaking them as necessary, fighting for every nickel and benefit to ensure you’re well compensated for your efforts and placed in the optimum position.

Our Senior Staff conducts face-to-face meetings with the changing faces of the contending firms, typically at the President level. We will talk specifically about your Business Plan and encourage the firm to put their best foot forward – or lose. You will appreciate our role as the tough negotiator, so that you can present yourself in a more relaxed fashion. We will then arrange confidential meetings between you and the firm’s Senior Management. We arrange everything for you. We make the contacts, establish the meeting location, and ensure the attendance of the appropriate individuals, thus providing a layer of security for you during this process.

Once the meetings are set, we make sure you’re ready. We provide detailed coaching on what you should and should not say during your meetings. It may have been some time since you’ve prepared for what is essentially an interview. It’s our job to help you position yourself expertly. For instance, acquiring firms are keenly interested in the assets and production you believe you will bring to their firm. This is similar to asking how many home runs you’ll hit during your first season. There is a right answer and a wrong answer to this question; and a few words from you will be the difference in millions of dollars of up-front compensation. With Consultants Period, you’ll be ready.

More Partnership with You
For over 30 years, representing the Street’s top teams has been our only business.

Since we work in the exclusive interest of Financial Advisors, not the firms, Advisors pay us a (real estate comparable) fee upon the closing of the deal. Our fee is based on the total deal we are able to command for you in the marketplace, ensuring our mutual interest.

Included in our fee structure are the following services…
• Creating a business plan that illustrates the strengths of your team
• Identifying rock-solid platforms that can accommodate your business
• Coordinating with senior management at the Street’s top firms
• Providing detailed coaching
• Negotiating a complete financial package
• Providing you with top legal counsel from the industry’s leading Attorneys
• Transitioning your partners and staff
• Moving your clients

If you are ready to explore your options, give us a call to request a copy of our Letter of Understanding, which will detail our fee structure.

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